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The Australian Mountain Doodle is a mix between the Aussiedoodle and the Bernedoodle and or an Australian Mountain dog and poodle. With the Australian Mountain Doodle you would be getting the best of all three breeds combined! The healthiness and intelligence of the Australian Shepherd, the sweet and gentleness of the Bernese, plus the allergy friendly, non shedding of the Poodle!


The Australian Mountain Doodle typically has a wavy/curly coat depending on the generation and genetics. They will need grooming every 6-8 weeks and frequent brushing! They are hypoallergenic and allergy friendly.




Here at Cedar Wood Farms we mainly focus on our insanely beautiful mini doodles. Our mini Australian Mountain doodles range from 15-30lbs and our Standard Australian Mountain doodles range 45-60 + pounds.



The Australian Mountain Doodle is a very loyal and lovable breed. They make great family dogs and do well with children.



The Australian Mountain Doodle requires attention and will definitely need outdoor time. They love being around their people and going on walks and or runs. They will also lay back and relax while watching Netflix with you! It’s a WIN WIN! 


Letti, our Australian Mountain dog (see our Dams page) was the first to join our program. She was “homegrown” and is Dally & Murphys daughter! Dally has one of the best temperaments of any Australian shepherd we have ever had in our program and it definitely shows in her girl Letti!  

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